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août 2016



TINY RITUALS – for mom & baby

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Hi there.
As most of you should know now, I am about to be a mother in less than 5 weeks. Time has flown since the day i discovered i was pregnant. This is something i strongly wanted for a while, and I was more than happy when I discovered the great news.

Being a mother is a huge step in my life and i know nothing will ever be the same again. I’ve always felt inside me that i wanted to be a mother and this past year it became stronger and almost a physical need.

I am 35 weeks pregnant now and i can feel this little baby moving inside me and i love him already like i’ll never love anyone else. This is a very strong feeling which is impossible to explain unless you’re a mother yourself.

Since i am pregnant i became obsessed with everything concerning babies. From the room furniture, to the strollers, the clothes (OF COURSE) and the daily care products.

When I discovered the « Tiny Rituals » collection by Rituals i was very happy and curious to try it. And absolutely not disappointed. Its a collection especially made for moms and babies. You’ll find a body lotion, body bath oil, a room and linen mist with the perfect « baby » smell and a stretchmarks body cream.

Of course I didnt have the occasion to test the babies products since my baby boy isnt born yet, but I cant already tell you that i am obsessed with the room and linen mist, which has this typical babies products smell that i love so much. I already perfumed my baby’s room with it and its perfect.

About the mom’s products, my crush is definitely on the tummy stretchmarks cream, which is soft, penetrates rapidly in the skin and leaves a very nice smell. I use it every morning after my shower and every night before going to sleep. Its very easy to apply and gives you a nice feeling of softness on your tummy. And i can tell you that i have absolutely no stretchmarks on my tummy even if my skin is a bit fragile, and i was really afraid to have some.

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