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février 2016



NYC – a few tips

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Hello girls!
I’m back from my trip in NYC and wanted to share a few pictures with you, and some adresses as some of you asked me 🙂
NYC is an amazing place, with the craziest energy ever, and a lot of things to do. Of course you can do shopping like nowhere else, but you can also eat in amazing restaurant, walk around Manhattan and Brooklyn for hours and never stop looking around you (and up) and be amazed. There are also a lot of museums, art galleries, shows, etc…

First of all, if I should advice you somewhere to sleep, or at least a neighborood it would be Soho/Nolita/Greenwich Village. These are my favourites places in Manhattan, that’s where you’ll find the majority of nice restaurants and shops, and these neighborood are very charming. This time I’ve been with my 2 brothers at Time Square. Time Square is of course very amazing, especially when you come for the first time in NY but i wouldnt advice you to stay there because there are too much tourists, noise, lights, etc.
What’s nice to do also in NY is to find an appartment via AirbNb or something, I did that too one year and really liked it.

I let you guys with the pictures and will give you all my adresses at the end of this post. xx

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Where to EAT
Sarabeths (one of my fav places in NY, the breakfast are absolutely amazing! Go to the one in front of Central Park :))
Nougatine (very classy and delicious)
The Greenwich Project (super cute place, very nice welcome, and delicious!!)
Jack’s Wife Freda (a « place to be » in Soho, a lot of people are waiting to get their places but its worthy!)
Balthazar (an amazing Brasserie, french styled, also in Soho)

Eric Kayser (Flatiron, french breakfast)

Shake Shack (fast food)
JG MELON (typical US restaurant and very nice burgers)
PRET A MANGER (you’ll find them everywhere, super healthy and yummy food to eat quickly)

Beauty and Essex (amazing place, very nice music, amazing food :))
Giorgione (super yummy italian restaurant)
TAO (stunning place, the decoration is beautiful, asian food)
KOI & SUSHIS OF GARI (for sushis, both delicious)

SPICE MARKET (Meatpacking, Asian food, beautiful place)

FIG AND OLIVE (Meatpacking, delicious italian)

– Go to the Mariott’s Hotel rooftop called « The View » and enjoy an amazing view of Manhattan by night (dont eat there, its VERY expensive and not good)
The Jane (at Jane Hotel)
230 Fifth (rooftop)
The Spotted Pig

– Go to the Empire State Building and enjoy the craziest view (the view of the One Trade Center is also amazing but never did it)
– Go to Staten Island, take the boat and admire the Statute of Liberty
– Have a walk in Central Park
– Shopping in Soho
– Time Square at night for the lights
– Greenwich village for a nice walk
– A day in Brooklyn (Williamsburgh) for quiet, nice shopping, nice places to eat, nice people :), go to Brooklyn via the Williamsburgh bridge, its a very nice walk and view
– Upper East Side for window shopping
– Flatiron and around (nice park, …)
– MOMA and MET museum

– Go to Meatpacking district and walk on the High Line
– Columbus Circle
– Watch a hockey or basketball game
– etc…

If you have any questions about NY, dont hesitate to ask !
For more about my experiences in NY, check my older posts and follow me on social medias (IG @stylingpotFB : StylingPot – Snapchat : Sach0809)

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
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