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Recently, I had the chance to test the 3 Aspria clubs in Brussels. As you may already know, Aspria is the most luxurious sport and lifestyle club in Belgium and also exist in Milan and Germany. The idea is to offer something « global » : you’re not going at Aspria only to do your daily workout, but also to drink a yummy fresh juice of the day, eat an healthy lunch, chat with some friends, relax at the pool, get a time for yourself at the Spa, etc.


The first time I’ve been to Aspria was at Aspria Art-Loi. I tried the « Aerial Yoga » with other bloggers and it was really funny. Aerial Yoga offers authentic yoga but you’re supported by a aerial fabric hammock. It works with gravity to relax and realign the body and center the mind. Its a bit strange at the beginning because we’re not used to evolve in a hammock, but after its a great sensation, you feel like you can fly, and you »re (of course) much lighter so you can do a lot of interesting exercices that would have been impossible on the ground.


What I had the chance to do also is a session with Steve Ross, a personal trainer. Steve is a bigbig guy from Canada, and ex-basketball champion so I let you imagine 🙂
Steve showed me how to use and work with the TRX, you know, the yellow suspension that you can see in every gym but never known or dared to use?
With TRX you can work on every muscle, its develops your strenght, balance, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously.
You’re in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise because you can simply adjust your body position to add or dicrease resistance. It was really interesting and I felt the work days after 🙂
Steve can also inform you about the alimentation you need when you’re doing a lot of sport, so if you’re at Aspria already, dont miss its precious advices!

4306b-rug-600_001 trx-fitness-band

What was also really interesting to do is the body evaluation. You stand on a kind of balance and then it tells you not only your weight, but E V E R Y T H I N G about your body, I mean the % of fat, the weight of your bones, the age of your body (and I am 12 woop wooop ;)) etc. I found that really amazing. After doing this little test, you receive a usb key that you insert in a machine, and then it creates a special sport program just for you. When the program is created, you take off your key and you go on the machines, you insert the key and then the machine will tell you how many exercices you’ll have to do, which weight etc. Amazing right?


I also visited Aspria Royal La Rasante which is the biggest of the three club, with a lot of families, its also an hotel, you find everything you want there. At La Rasante I tried the « FLY BOARD » class and a special face care with Carita products at le Spa.

The Fly Board is a multifunctional tool, made from natural wood. Used in a dynamic way, it develops balance, neuromuscular response and proprioception. Used in a static way, it strengthens muscles and rebalances the posture. It was really funny to stand on this board, not always easy and the teacher was really nice. The only thing was that in the end of the class, i was a bit bored of doing the same exercices all the time but i have to say i was tired, and its was friday night so…


The Spa is a real sanctuary where i had the chance to enjoy a « soin visage » by an expert with luxurious products (Carita). It was a moment of relaxation especially this day when i was extremely stressed and exhausted.

aspria_kudamn_spa_wellness_1_aspria-teaser_900 10899825_10152571686487061_109542694_n

To finish, La Rasante is next to ROB which is my favourite « supermarket » ever!! Its the temple of food, when you go there you just want to buy and eat everything 🙂 You can find super yummy receipes on Aspria’s website 😉


For all these moments, thanks a lot Aspria !


ASPRIA ART-LOI : Rue de l’Industrie, 26, 1040 Bruxelles ‎

ASPRIA ROYAL LA RASANTE : Rue Sombre 56 – 1200 Bruxelles

ASPRIA LOUISE : Avenue Louise 71, 1050 Bruxelles.




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