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décembre 2013



2013 Recap

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Hello girls, let’s say goodbye to this beautiful year ! I chose the pictures that I liked the most since I started to blog in March 2013 🙂 The blog adventure is amazing, I really like it since the beginning. It makes me realize how much i love fashion, I met a lot of new and interesting people, took part to great events and projects, worked with Essentiel, Elles, JS Kolins, Marc by Marc, Dahlia, No Concept, Yes boutique, Lady Guilmot, DZ, Imagin Jewels.. and I hope it wont stop. Its a lot of time, but when its for fun and happiness, it’s only pleasure.
Besides the blog, 2013 was a big year for me, I took some hard decisions, like stopping my law studies after 4 years of hard labor. I just realized it was really not my cup of tea and that i didnt wanted to end up in this kind of world and mentality. So I started to work in fashion and I’m more than happy. I live between clothes and shoes, what a dream ?
My blog is getting bigger and bigger and after 10 months, I can say that I am really satisfied. I traveled to New York (you dont even know how much i love this city), Sardinia and Corsica.. amazing memories.
I also turned 25, but honestly it was not that hard, and more an excuse to party with my friends.
Now, lets stop talking…
Thank you for being there, comment my post, like what i do, or juste pass by, read, thank you. I wish you full of love and happinness for this new year. Thank you all for following me and let’s continue this for 2014 ❤

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Love love love ❤, S.


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