novembre 2013



Isabel Marant for H&M

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Wake up at 6. Drink a cup of coffee, have a shower, send a message to your friend who’s already in the line. « They just placed a barrier behind me, hurry up, we’ll make you pass discretely ».

While I’m drying my hair, I’m thinking. I’ll take a cab, there’s absolutely no way for me to take the tram so early with this cold. Call the cab. Ask the boyfriend to borrow his visa (when you have a LITTLE problem with saving money, never EVER get a visa). Forget your keys cause you’re in a hurry.

Get in the car, « Rue Neuve s’il-vous-plait ». 10 minutes later, I’m in the big street, almost running. I arrive at H&M’s corner, I’m surprised, only around twenty girls in the place. Wanna join my friend, but the big guy says « no, the groups are already made ». I thought there was no group?  Fuck. Anyway, I find other friends in the second group, I’m happy. Talk, talk, freeze, talk, and retalk. Tic Tac Tic Tac.. 5 minutes left. The H&M people arrive and explain us that there wont be any group, we’re all gonna enter together. I’m afraid. OMAGAD I’m gonna die, someone is gonna run over me, clothes will be destroyed, world war III this is it !

Tic tac tic tac, the doors are slowly opening. LET S GOOOOOOOO !!! Everybody’s running, I arrive at the end of the shop, laughing like crazy cause I’m actually part of this madness,  I’m taking everything I can, no time to check the sizes, the models or anything.

I find my friend between two clothes racks, we have both 5 shopping bags full of clothes. H&M guys tell us we cannot try the clothes in the middle of the shop, fitting rooms are made for that, hello, we’re not animals, we’re civilized. Well, that’s true, lets get human. After 10 minutes waiting, we’re in. When in the fitting room, it’s like the most random shopping session ever. Try your clothes, ask you friends if it suits you, take selfies in the mirror. Go out, ask yourself what you want to keep or not. I WANT EVERYTHING FOR CHRIST’S SAKE! Talk to people, exchange pieces for others, laugh, calculate how many time it will take to reimburse your friends/family/the bank (just kidding) , make your choice, go to the cash desk, PAY (ouich!), say goodbye to the super gentle H&M people, and feel the pleasure of finally having what you wanted, what you deserved !

Honestly, I never did anything like this before, but as a huge fan of Isabel Marant, even if i hesitated for a while, I decided that I needed to go and to live this kind of experience at least once in my life. And I’m not disappointed. I liked everything : waiting and talking during  2 ours in the line, feeling the adrenaline getting stronger and stronger, running like a fury to the clothes, try them, and the H&M team was really nice. It was absolutely not the craziness I expected, everybody was happy to be there and the atmosphere was friendly.

Wondering what I got right? Only two of the four items I took are on the pictures 😉

See you in the next posts fellas…



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