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octobre 2013



Brussels Fashion Days

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Last friday, I had the chance to go to the Brussels Fashion days to discover the belgian young creators and to see the fashion show organized by the Elle magazine.
It was a beautiful evening, I saw amazing pictures by belgian photographer exposed, and the fashionshow was really beautiful.
Before the show, we walked around the Egg, this huge space which was hosting the event. I admired the pictures, especially the work of Maelle Andre full of colors and imagination, Marc Deman and Celine Dejoie

In the room juste before entering the show, there were a lot of young belgian creators creations that were exposed, as well as bags and jewelries. Special mention to Lilu! I felt in love with their clutches and bags. I also spotted Orane-Enora zebra booties, and Niyona leather bags. I loved Charlotte Ransonnet‘s work, Annelies shorts and espadrilles, Samantha Ladine amazing « space prints » jacket, Diane Van Overeem printed pants, Giuzeppe Spezial, Akin To__, .. there were so much  beautiful clothes, I was really impressed and inspired.
After a little wait, we finally entered in the room where the Fashionshow would happen. We waited for a while before it started, there was A LOT of people, it was totally crowded. After something like 30minutes, the show finally started and I directly felt the amazing energy and emotion that a fashionshow can offer. Honestly, it was my first time but I really hope not the last.
The show started with Calogero Di Natale: simplicty, elegance, feminity, delicacy.
Then,  Filles à Papa : colours, craziness, sexyness, rabbit ears, sparkles, glitter, sequins AND awesome music. I particularly loved the pink and black perfecto and the long sequined skirt.
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Thirdly, Marc Philippe Coudeyre : classy and powerful, I really liked the prints of the two black&white coats.
After came Krjst : amazing prints, very wild, ethnic, full of colours. I loved the handbands and the swimsuits.
5th, Superpieceofchic: young, energetic, and streetart inspired, special mention to King Kong 😉
Then came a.KNACKFUSS, one of my favourite: jungle prints,  awesome pieces, perfect cuts, full of creativity, I loved it.

In the 7th place I discovred Damien Ravn, I was very impressed by the perfection of his work, and had a crush on the black dress.
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Finally, to close the show, Natan, no need to introduce 😉 I’d say its more classical and sophisticated, but very fresh and classy.
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If I have to summarize, I’ll say that I really love and enjoyed the show, it was amazing, breathtaking, really. I was impressed and amazed by all the talents we have in Belgium and very proud. So BIG UP BRUSSELS FASHION TALENTS 😉

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