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New Cimarron jeans collection at Lady Guilmot

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Hiii everybody!!! how are you ?? Im leaving tomorrow for the big Apple so i couldn’t be better 🙂

Today Im making a little post about this shop that I adore, Lady Guilmot. I felt in love with Lady Guilmot the first day it opened, when I saw the window and was directly attracted by it.

It’s EXACTLY the kind of shop i like : super nice pieces (and original, not much examples so you don’t have all the city wearing the same clothes as you), great neighborood, and AFFORDABLE prices.

For me this is what’s missing here in Brussels, shops that are not big brands like Zara or H&M (even though I’m a huge Zara fan, but the problem is still the same: everybody wears the same thing) and not expensive shops like all those you can find, yes they’re selling gorgeous clothes, but HEY I’m not Cresus!


So, that’s exactly what Lady Guilmot represent: great pieces, great prices.


A few weeks ago, I was invited to discover the new Cimarron jeans collection at Lady Guilmot. I choosed the golden one, which is amazing, i already LOVE it. They have it in every colors you want, especially in summer colors like orange or fluro blue.

I let you discover it with pictures!! There will be an outfit post with my new beloved Cimarron jeans, coming SSSOOOOOON!!!!

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Hope you love it,
Sach (follow me on instagram @sachafarber)

Rue du Bailli, 98
1050 Ixelles
Phone 02 512 97 49

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !
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